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How to Secretly Get Their Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal

14th Mar 2024

How to Secretly Get Their Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal

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How to Secretly Get Their Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal

Congratulations, you’re finally ready to pop the question! Now, one of the key elements of any proposal is the ring, and getting the correct size can be tricky, especially if you want to keep the proposal a surprise. Don’t worry, though; below are a few tips and tricks to discreetly get your partner’s ring size without them suspecting a thing.

Five Ways to Secretly Measure Ring Size

1. Borrow a ring

This is the most classic method for secretly getting your partner’s ring size. First, pay attention to what rings your partner wears on their left ring finger. That will ensure the best fit. Then, when your partner isn’t around, borrow the ring and trace its inner circumference onto a piece of paper or press the ring into a soft piece of air-dry clay to create an impression. You can also print our at-home ring sizer to measure the borrowed ring more accurately. If you used one of the first two methods, take the paper or clay to a jeweler who can help you determine the size. Note: if you’re using clay, make sure you don’t leave any clay residue on the ring to avoid suspicion.

2. Enlist friends or family members

Request the help of your partner’s loved ones. They may know your partner’s ring size or could find out through subtle conversation. And one step better, ask them to take your partner engagement ring shopping “for fun.” That way, your partner will get professionally sized and possibly drop a hint about what styles they like!

3. Gift a ring for another occasion

This method requires planning, but gift your partner a ring for a birthday or anniversary. Either ask for their ring size or take them jewelry shopping and have them try on fashion rings in addition to earrings, necklaces, etc., to throw them off. That way, you will know your partner’s ring size when it comes time to pick out an engagement ring.

4. Team up with an engaged friend

If you and your partner are spending time with someone who is engaged, discreetly ask that engaged friend to let your partner try on their engagement ring. This method will at least put you in a ballpark size range. Your partner might even disclose their ring size if the engaged friend’s ring doesn’t fit. This situation also creates the perfect opportunity to ask your partner what they thought of the friend’s engagement ring (in private) to help you figure out what engagement ring style your partner prefers.

5. Consult a jewelry expert

Jewelers are seasoned professionals in ring sizing and can offer expert advice for your situation.

How to Secretly Get Their Ring Size for a Surprise Proposal

What to Avoid When You’re Trying to Measure Ring Size Secretly

  • Don’t borrow a random ring: Sizes differ from finger to finger, so make sure to borrow a ring that you know fits on your partner’s left ring finger.
  • Don’t borrow one of their favorite rings: Make sure to borrow a ring your partner won’t know is missing.
  • Don’t be obvious: Avoid direct questions about ring size; subtlety is key.
  • Don’t involve too many people: Enlisting help can be beneficial, but involving too many people increases the risk of the surprise being spoiled.
  • Don’t behave unusually: Maintain natural behavior to prevent your partner from becoming suspicious.
  • Don’t overcomplicate things: While being resourceful is important, overcomplicating things can lead to unnecessary stress and confusion. Stick to simple and discreet methods.
  • Don’t forget to double-check: Double-check your measurements to ensure accuracy. Better safe than sorry!

You Got This!

Remember, the most important thing is the sentiment behind the proposal, so try not to stress too much. With some planning and creativity, you’ll be well on your way to pulling off the perfect surprise proposal. Good luck!

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